Your team is
"explosively ineffective" 

Find your team report below

The Explosively Ineffective Team



You and your team seem to be in distress and ready to raise a white flag, tired of feeling under constant siege, with conflict ready to ignite at any moment, and not really winning many battles.


Many basic ingredients to be a successful team seem to be missing; goals  & performance expectations are not met, conflicts between coworkers and other teams are rampant and morale is low. It sounds like you might all be having serious communication and trust issues, overworking & probably not having much of a life outside the office.

You as a leader might be spending much of your precious time fixing problems instead of creating an inspiring vision for the team and harnessing their strengths to face present & future challenges. The danger is, there might be no team to lead in the near future if urgent measures are not taken.


When a team is neither motivated nor productive, chances are, the negative spiral will continue downwards until a final explosion where everything gets destroyed. But don´t worry, the war can yet be won.

So, just tell me ...

Do you think it´s time your company knows what you and your team are truly capable of?

Do you agree that mantaining this course is neither productive nor satisfying, or even healthy for you or your team? 

Do you believe there must be an easier way of getting things done, without so much strain? 

Do you think you and your team could profit from more trust and empathy, more effective and positive communication,  better teamwork, more creative and proactive participation & lots more passion and joy? 

Are you ready to wave a white flag and ask for reinforcements?

Are you willing to invest the time, energy  and money needed to achieve this? 

And finally ...


Are you ready to take massive action & schedule a 1:1 Executive Coaching Session with me right away and find out how you can lead your team back on track, ready for some wins?

What can you expect from this Session ...

60 minutes where we work together to gain awareness and share ideas about the most important issue that´s  blocking your success as a leader. 

Tools and strategies you can implement immediately to achieve different results. 

Clues about how to adress all the other issues you need in order to become the amazing leader of a conquering team. 

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