Executive & Team Coaching Mastermind Program 

Este programa multiplica el potencial de líderes y sus equipos,         derrumbando las barreras que les impiden lograr su Visión               y crecer hasta el siguiente nivel de éxito.


El programa busca una transformación integral, profunda y simultánea del equipo gerencial, de cada uno de los líderes y de sus respectivos equipos. 



¿Qué beneficios se obtienen?

A nivel individual:  

  • Clarificación de la visión como líder

  • Auto conciencia y toma de responsabilidad del impacto que  las acciones y actitudes tienen sobre el equipo

  • Transformación hacia un líder que inspira y que obtiene resultados con menos estrés y desgaste

  • Mayor motivación intrínseca, confianza, seguridad y asertividad del líder

  • Relaciones interpersonales más positivas, mayor empatía

  • Mayor inteligencia emocional y generación de confianza hacia y del equipo

  • Desarrollo de habilidades de comunicación: escuchar, hacer peticiones, negociar acuerdos, dar retroalimentación, hacer reclamos, reconocer

  • Desarrollo de habilidades de gestión del tiempo: planeación, delegación, priorización - balance vida / trabajo


A nivel de equipo:  

  • Clarificación de la visión de equipo y alineación con  la visión del líder

  • Auto conciencia y toma de responsabilidad del impacto que  las acciones y actitudes tienen sobre la cadena de valor

  • Mayor confianza entre todos los miembros del equipo

  • Relaciones interpersonales más positivas, mayor empatía y manejo de conflictos positivo

  • Mejores procesos de comunicación intra e interdepartamental 

  • Contribuciones más significativas

  • Mejor distribución de cargas de trabajo

  • Mejora del clima organizacional, aumento del bienestar físico y emocional, del compromiso y la motivación general 





Every month we open only a few slots, to ensure we dedicate each team of leaders the personalized attention they deserve and need to obtain extraordinary results.

If you made it here, it means we will soon open the opportunity to serve new clients.  

We want to work only with those leaders who are willing to the following to achieve their Vision:

         Participate in the program in a fully present and conscious way, complying with

              all parts of the process, as well as make sure that their team does the same.

        Open up to having a coach with whom to discover new ways of perceiving and

              do things.

        Push the boundaries of what they think is possible.

        Work hard. Talk hard. Have fun.

If your company has leaders and teams willing to comply with these four points, the program is perfect for them.  And if you are one of such leaders, don´t miss this unique program. 

      🟢  This program IS  for leaders who are not satisfied with their current level of


            -  Perhaps they are first-time leaders, who want and need to strengthen their

               competencies to be able to develop and lead high performance teams.

            -  Perhaps they are experienced leaders facing different or more complex

               challenges than before and who know that a fresh outlook could get them

               better results more effectively and with less  attrition.

     🔴   This program IS NOT  for companies or people expecting magic solutions or

             who only care about productivity and ROI.  We will definitively have a huge

             impact on those, but our focus is to get those results as a natural consequence

             of  Personal Transformation .

            My vision as a Coach is to contribute to forming more humane leaders, who

            leave a positive footprint on their teams and organizations, who are concerned

            for holistic well-being and success at all levels, not just professional. That is why

            we do not work with companies that want to “fix” one or two “problematic”

            individual leaders, but prefer those who seek a comprehensive and long lasting              transformation of the whole system; companies willing to support the structural

            and cultural changes that their leaders and teams require to shift in order to

            act differently and so get different results. .  

We approach this transformation from three fronts,

creating synergy:

  • Fortnightly  group sessions with the leadership team, to ensure that everyone is aligned in the organizational vision and that they share the same tools and vocabulary so that this vision can permeate the rest of the organization;

  • Weekly individual sessions with each leader, where we determine in a personalized way the skills, attitudes and behaviors they need to multiply, acquire,  strengthen or replace; and

  • Fortnightly group sessions of each leader with his own team, to open the floor for the critical conversations they need to consolidate as a team, to question paradigms, to offer solutions to their current challenges and to define the strategies that will lead them to fulfill their vision.  

Before starting the program, we apply a 360 ° Evaluation to all participants and  a PDA Asessment   (Personal Development Analysis) which, through a simple, precise and scientifically endorsed methodology, describes and analyzes  the Behavioral Profile of individuals and teams,  detailing their strengths and possible weaknesses.


The information provided by both evaluations constitutes the basis for the Coaching program, in which we use the model  GROW designed by Business Coaches Alexander, Fine, & Whitmore. The model drives leaders and teams to define the strategies that will take them to their ideal state, to their Inspiring Vision. The coach acts as a facilitator of the process, as a trigger for conversations and as an accountability partner to ensure compliance with the objectives set by the team and their leader.  

We also use Appreciative Dialogue , a positive methodology that focuses on multiplying what gives life, joy and pride to teams, instead of focusing on their problems, so the result is much more motivating and profound.  

At the end of the program we repeat the 360 ° Assessment to measure and verify objectively  the displacement that the Program participants had.  (Check the different types of reports offered by the PDA)


Send your selection form and schedule an appointment at no cost and without obligation, to see if your Vision and ours are aligned and we can form an exponential growth alliance.













Why does your company need this program, and why is today the best time to be part of it?

      Because it is not possible to face the "new normal" with the paradigms and

           tools that had worked until today.

      Because many people feel overwhelmed by new challenges and levels of

           confusion, stress and frustration have risen to dangerous levels.  

    ✅  Because most companies have been greatly affected by the climate

           organizational, productivity and turnover.

      Because in the day-to-day hustle and bustle, and with some or all team members

           working remotely, many leaders don´t know how to open or keep productive

           conversations with them, so disintegration will only increase.  

      Because in this program no one will people what to do, but they will obtain tools

           that allow them to find their own solutions, thus enhancing trust and levels of




del Equipo de Liderazgo 




para cada líder 

Multiplicación exponencial

del talento





Liliana es una coach fantástica. Me ayudó mucho con mi crecimiento personal y profesional. Me ayudó a conocerme mejor, a definir y establecer metas específicas,  a elaborar un plan de acción y lo más importante,  a tomar acción. 



Recomiendo ampliamente a Liliana como Coach, ya que me ayudó a romper algunos esquemas mentales poco útiles  que tenía acerca del liderazgo. Me ayudó a empoderar mi mente para creer en mi papel como gerente, y sobre todo, a tener la confianza en mi propia capacidad. 



Excelente experiencia, Lili supo ayudarme a identificar la causa que evitaba que yo me desarrollara por completo, su guía me permitió diseñar mi estrategia para potencializar mi liderazgo personal y profesional. Si no hubiese sido por ella seguiría siendo una pieza en lugar del ser el jugador que hace que las piezas se muevan.